The master data platform

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IF You are :

  • Innovative and Pioneering
  • Determined, Confident and Focused on your goal
  • Ethical, Trustworthy, Frank
  • Pro-active, Decisive and Leader

Then you are ready for the Master Data Platform

Imagine a Data Platform developed especially for you, responding to what you want to do in terms of marketing, sales, after-sales activities… All this with reliable, compliant, real-time data. This is what the Black Tiger Master Data Platform offers.


A Data Platform that adapts to your needs

360° Customer Vision


  • The 360° view of the customer allows you to quickly access all the history of your customer: profile data, contact information, interaction history, purchase history, subscribed offers, etc.
  • Visualise in a single interface all the points of contact your customer has with your brand to maximise your customer relationship

    Your Single Customer View


    • As a prerequisite for a 360° customer view, consolidate all your customer data into a single repository, regardless of your data sources and volumes.
    • The Master Data Platform reconciles all your data (name, address, telephone, email, loyalty card, main shop, product purchase, etc.) with a native quality of data resulting from our 30 years of experience in personal data.

      Reach full GDPR compliance


      • Whatever the data treatment or data activation, always keep in mind you are treating personal data. Keeping up the highest standards in terms of compliance and ethics is the best way to a trustful relationship with your customers.

        Activate & visualize your data


        • Deploy any kind of business data activation you need: marketing, sales, after-sales, reporting, data insights, data visualization…
        • Easily visualise all your customer data to anticipate the actions to be taken. Very simply create the screens that suit you to monitor all your business metrics as you wish.
        • Use our query tool to create targets and send targeted messages.

        Manage big data volumes at speed


        • With a complete datalake and data warehouse stack, the Master Data Platform natively covers all the needs relating to Big Data.
        • The latest Big Data technologies, mostly open source, are used in the platform. The number, volume and heterogeneity of the data used by the platform are never an obstacle to its use.

        Easily integrate the platform into your environment


        • Maximize integration simplicity due to a configurable, robust micro-service architecture and an Infrastructure as Code approach.
        • High connectivity with your other applications and tools.
        • Choose the deployment that suits you: on premise, public cloud, Black Tiger dedicated private cloud. The choice is yours.

        Full autonomy or supported by our services

        Once the platform has been implemented and deployed according to your needs, you can have full autonomy for ongoing maintenance and monitoring, thanks to a range of tools allowing you to prepare campaigns or create your own data visualization. Should you prefer, you can benefit from our service team to handle data related tasks in a service model. The choice is yours. The choice is also yours for the technical deployment: on premise, public cloud, or Black Tiger dedicated private cloud.

        Customization: the Data Platform adapts to your business

        Your Data Platform does not need to be out-of-the-box. Due to the configurable and robust micro-service architecture, it can be implemented according to your business needs, and customized where you need it.

        Native Data Quality Module and Data Governance

        The quality of your data is the foundation of your business. Our native Data Quality module gives you the immediate benefit of our 30 years of expertise in personal data to solve your data quality problems and activate reliable data. With this module you have the best of both worlds: on the one hand Black Tiger’s best-in-class processes normalization, standardization, identification and deduplication processes, and on the other hand your own customized quality rules and business-critical data decisions. Data quality dashboarding and Data Stewardship offer you a complete control over the quality of your data.

        Natively, the platform includes a GDPR as Code module which allows you to own your compliance as data controller and to manage your risk via an impact analysis score whenever you’re using personal data. It comes with a management interface for the DPO, with proof of conformity in case of control. The GDPR module is based on the core principles and rights of the law and particularly the management of risks related to the privacy of data subjects.

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