Data quality

NO more

“Garbage in, garbage out”

  • Improve your client satisfaction and sales efficiency by applying data quality solutions throughout your operational processes: normalization, matching, validation, identification
  • Support your important business, sales, BI and strategical decisions by installing an adequate omnichannel single customer view
  • Improve your GDPR compliance by deploying our European regulation module

What is your challenge?

Select a solution area based on your needs

Enhance your cross-channel marketing strategy, using all your available and appropriate customer data


  • Setup an omnichannel single customer view and manage your channel preferences correctly
  • Make sure the quality of your contact points is adequate
  • Linking all available data will support you in creating the correct segmentation to support efficient marketing actions

Improve your new client onboarding through real time verification


  • Use customer integration in your master data management approach
  • Establish real time, qualitative links with existing data in your client database to support differentiated communication.
  • Verify the quality of your data as of data entry, to maximize the value of customer data

Support your company’s GDPR compliance


  • Be GDPR compliant ‘by design’ and ‘by default’, thanks to our GDPR module
  • Support your obligations to make sure personal data are accurate, including awareness of data quality issues and related solutions
  • Creation of a single customer view supports your data subject request management

Increase the value of your customer experience


  • Ensure quality of personalization of your client communication through data normalization & data validation tools
  • Limit costs and client frustrations by deduplicating your data at the right level
  • Make sure your postal addresses are up to date in a proactive & automated approach